Different Types of Depression

Everyone goes through different periods of sadness and grief. The feeling usually fades within weeks or days, according to the condition. But, if it lasts for more than a week then it can affect your ability to do daily work and this is a sign of depression. This guide will help you understand different types […]

Can Acupuncture Help in Depression?

Acupuncture has become an important treatment for depression. No doubt, the existing research on its effectiveness is still at the starting stage. But, it is a potential treatment option for the patients dealing with depression who might have not got the best results with other options. This guide will help you understand its effectiveness in […]

What Behavior changes does occur during depression?

Healthy people are different in their personality, behavior, and mood. Every day, the person will also be different according to the circumstances. However, a sudden change in behavior is the reason which indicates a problem. In this guide, we have mentioned the behavior changes that occur during depression. Feeling down at different times is a […]