Bipolar Problems

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is mainly related to the mood swings, if you have the little changes in your mood then there is nothing to worry but if the swings are severe and extreme then there is something to be taken care of as it could make you the victim of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is the basic combination of the extreme elation means of mania and depression and it can be of basically 4 types as follows:

Types of bipolar disorder

Bipolar I disorder

It is the type of manic or mixed episodes that dominate the person at least for seven days and these episodes are so severe that the patient needs immediate bipolar disorder treatment medications.


Bipolar II disorder

It is the pattern of episodes in which person may experience shifting back or forth with hypomania episodes and in this type of disorder full-blown manic or mixed episodes are absent.


Cyclothymic disorder

It is the mild form of bipolar II disorder in which the patient has episodes of hypomania and shift back and forth with mild depression. It can be treated with effective mental disorder treatment.



It is also known as the induced moods disorder in which sufferer may experience that mood disorders turn to substance abuse and substance abuse affect the mood disorders and increase them.


Bipolar disorder treatment

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