Many people are suffering from impulse control disorders but they are oblivion about their disorder. They lose their control over their impulsive behaviors even if their actions lead to serious and harmful consequences.

Impulse is simply an urge to initiate an action and this urge can be associated with many of your days to activities like the urge to slam a door aggressively, having an argument with your partner or urge to buy a product only due to massive buying discount on it. But impulse control disorder is far more serious condition than the above day to day impulsive actions of having an urge to do something.

Due to this disorder sometimes a person does anything for pleasure or gratification but internally feel guilt, remorse or shame and this disorder can be mainly of three types as below

  1. The first category is of the individuals that feel their inability to resist acting on an impulse action even if they know about its negative consequences
  2. In the second type of disorder generally, individuals experience mounting of anxiety prior to initiate the impulsive action but act irresistibly for it.
  3. The third category of this disorder is of the individuals that lose their ability to take rational decision while performing an impulsive action and just perform it for relief or gratification.


Impulsive control disorders are associated with the biological, psychological and social well-being of the person so these should be controlled by taking the best Impulse Control Disorders treatment.

These disorders can become the reason of anxiety, depression and even of addiction, but outburst anger is the most common outcome of impulsive disorder so we try to work on it initially by giving the Counseling for Anger Outburst and even behavior therapy can also work for it.

If you or any of your loved one is suffering from impulse control disorder then we can help you to come out from this guilt or shame by using the combination of medication, group therapy, support from family and friends and even by making positive changes in the life pattern of the individual. We are even known for our best anger outburst treatment Punjab so do not think twice and feel free to contact our professionals for best help and support.