Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


  • If you check the things number of times!

  • If you wash or clean a lot!

  • If you always have a thought in your mind that bothers you a lot that you would like to get rid of t but you cannot!

  • If you take a lot of time to finish your daily activities!

All these are Symptoms of OCD and need to be treated before they get worst. Obsessions are mainly a collection of intrusive, recurrent images, urges or some thoughts that are perceived as distressing and frightening. All these obsessions can produce anxiety, fear, and shame in the mind of the sufferer and such patients need the OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER treatment to come out from their perception.

Washing, cleaning, repeating, checking, ordering, hoarding, ritualistic thinking are some Common Types of OCD that can start at any time from preschool to adulthood and at any age between 10 to 12 and even in the late teens.

OCD Treatment

We offer the best and effective OCD treatment Therapy Punjab which is the combination of medications approved by the FDA, psychotherapy, family therapy and the most important group therapy.

Family therapy and group therapy is considered as the most important part of the treatment as these both therapies are given to the patient to make him or her mentally strong with the complete support of the family and friends and even he is asked to meet the other OCD suffers so that feeling of isolation can be eliminated from his mind and he could respond in a better way for the treatment.