Sexual Concerns

Sexual concerns/disorders

We try to help out the sexual concerns of the adults that can become the reason of depression, anxiety, addiction and even criminal activities like rape. We offer friendly assistance and best Sexual disorder treatment to our patients so that they can openly talk about their difficulties related to sexual functioning, desires, performance, pleasure, preferences or even orgasm.

These sexual disorders can happen at any stage of life and even at any stage of normal sexual activity. These disorders can become the reason of stress and even can affect adversely to your relationships especially if you are married.

Many disorders are due to the performance anxiety, guilt, mental or physical stress, some type of guilt, worry, addictions, past bad sexual experiences, or even can be due to some side effects of medications

Types of sexual disorders

  • Hypoactive sexual disorder in which the person has a lack of sexual fantasies or desire and this disorder can easily be rectified by providing best Sex Counseling in Punjab either to both the partners or only to the concerned person.
  • Sexual aversion disorder in which patient does aversion and active avoidance of genital contact with his or her partner.
  • Female sexual arousal order in which female partner fails to attain or maintain sexual excitement until the completion of sexual activity
  • The male erectile disorder is the inability of the male to attain or maintain the firm erection until the completion of the activity.
  • Premature ejaculation is the male side disorder in which males get the orgasm and ejaculation with minimum sexual stimulation and before the wish of a person means before the end of sexual activity.
  • Sometimes male or females have a disorder of delay or absence of orgasm even after the completion of a normal sexual excitement phase.

We provide proper and best sex counseling in Ludhiana to rectify all above types of disorders so that you could have a healthy sexual life