Intellectual Deficits/ Mental Retardation

Intellectual deficits or the mental retardation can adversely affect your life as it has a great negative impact on your academics, work performance or life and even on your social relations. The affected person may feel difficulty in various areas of life like in language, learning, self-help and motivation, and even in independent living.

This mental retardation is also known as intellectual development disorder or disability and in common words, it is said that a person is mentally challenged. We offer great treatment or therapy for intellectual deficits due to which patient can come out from his neurological development disorder and can lead better lives.

Causes of Mental Retardation

This kind of disorder can be due to various causes among which some are before birth conditions and some are afterbirth conditions means the causes can be prenatal or postnatal. Sometimes due to some complications during pregnancy or due to genetic issues, these kinds of conditions may appear but all these conditions can be treated with proper Counseling for mental retardation.

Approaches to Treating Mental Retardation

We offer the best and effective treatment of mental retardation that is a combination of proper medication, therapies, and counseling and this treatment plan is suggested after proper diagnosis of the mental condition and intelligence level of the patient.

We include the best therapy for mental retardation that could help the patient in daily adjustments and functioning with improved mental condition.  Our experts individualize the treatment as per the condition and level of difficulty of the patient so that each patient could have a better life without facing any other difficulty.

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