If the student is having the ability to learn but his learning rate and depth are lower than the average same age peers then he is considered as the slow learner. For this type of disorder, we offer the best slow learning treatment so that student could have equal power and ability to learn as his age mates are having.

The term slows learning is different than the learning difficulty as learning disorder is the set of difficulties faced by the child in the area of academics not due to below average intelligence but the slow learning is the issue of having below average intelligence and even it is not related to the specific areas of academics or learning.

Even the government assigns certain facilities and therapy for learning disability but not as such special facilities or treatment benefits are given to the slower learners’ by the government.

Treatment for slow learners

Counseling for Slow Learners is highly recommended as it will help them to cope up with the daily demands of life. Even special education and academic and social stimulation can also help slow learners.

Counseling of the parents of slow learning child is also included in the treatment for slow learners as it will help the parents to understand the difficulties of their child so that they could help their child. We also offer the best counseling and treatment for the child having slow learning difficulties so that such children can also compete with the world and can prove themselves.

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