Memory Loss/Dementia

We generally take it normal when we use to forget things in the old age but it should not be ignored as it can be beginning of memory loss disorder. Generally, dementia is taken as the most common cause for the memory loss in the later years of life so let us understand in detail so that we could get the proper knowledge about actual concerns and causes of memory loss.

What is Dementia?

It is basically the decline of mental faculties of a person due to which person could face problems in his or her day to day activities or functioning. It is the progressive phenomenon and develops gradually with growing time. Thus it is important to get DEMENTIA treatment at the right time as otherwise, its symptoms can get worst.

Effects of dementia

Dementia affects adversely to many areas of a person’s life and it also impacts the overall functional ability of a person. It leads to the loss of memory and due to this disordered person may face difficulties like

  • Language issues
  • Difficulty in movement
  • The person may face difficulty in planning, sequencing, executing, and making decisions
  • Difficulty in recognition can also be the issue

Treatment of dementia

For the best treatment of this disorder, we offer a combination of medications and various therapies such as reminiscence Therapy for memory loss problem, support groups, and therapeutic interventions.

Moreover our professionals also efficient in helping the sufferer by giving the cognitive stimulation therapy for dementia that can improve the cognitive functioning and skills of the person.

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