Title-Schizophrenia: What Are Its Symptoms And Treatment?

Schizophrenia is a common issue, especially among mental patients. It manifests itself with problems thinking, behavior and emotions. It may result in hallucinations, delusions and strained ability to function. The severity and symptoms vary from one person to another. The disorder can affect both children and adults. Childhood schizophrenia is almost the same as adult schizophrenia with children interpreting reality abnormally. It generates a profound impact on behavior and development. Sometimes, these are also regarded as psychotic problems. To overcome such kind of behavior, counseling for psychotic problems is done which helps the patient learn how to independently carry out normal daily tasks.

Generalized Symptoms;

Hallucinations. This is hearing or seeing things that don’t exist. The most common being auditory hallucinations with the patient hearing voices.

Delusions. These are false beliefs that are not reality-based. These may include the patient thinking certain gestures are aimed at them, extreme paranoia about being watched, thinking that another person is in love with them.

Disorganized thinking. This is noted through the speech pattern. Disorganized thinking impairs effective speech with the patient jumping from one unrelated topic to another, inability to stick to the answers or questions asked and putting together meaningless phrases.

Negative symptoms. This refers to the lack of normal functioning. The patient may speak in monotones and lack facial expressions or any show of emotions. It may also include neglect of hygiene and loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed.



Use of antipsychotic drugs to regulate the psychotic symptoms. These are drugs that deal with hallucinations, delusions, and lack of emotion.


Therapy for psychotic symptoms can be coupled with medication to help the patient cope with the disorder, therapies include; individual therapy and family therapy.  They help all parties involved get therapy for the psychotic problems and how to deal with the patient.

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