What are the treatment options for Food Addiction?

What are the treatment options for Food Addiction?


Food addiction is an addiction to junk food. This is relatively new research still needs to be done on this. Food addiction is similar to other disorders like bulimia compulsive overeating, and binge eating disorder. In this guide, we have mentioned the treatment options for food addiction.


Food Addiction is a serious medical problem that is the same as drug addiction. The symptoms include cravings, eating more, feeling guilty, and eating more than required. Moreover, this addiction is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Like other addictions, it also needs treatment and support to overcome the problem. Fortunately, there are several programs and treatment which provide support to the people who are suffering from this addiction.

Treatment Options for Food Addiction

  • 12-Step Program

One way to address this addiction is by a 12-step program. In this program, people attend meetings with others who are struggling through the same addiction. They are sponsored so that they get a dietary regime. Social support can also help people dealing with this addiction. Recovery can be smooth when you share your experience with others and get their help.

Some of the other programs are OA (Overeaters Anonymous), Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA), and Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA).

Getting Food Addiction treatment from the best doctor can help you deal with this condition in the right manner.

  • Commercial treatment program

The commercial treatment program also offers effective treatment for eating and feeding disorders. The commercial treatment program is available all over the world. Some of the major ones include:


– Milestones in Recovery

– COR Retreat

– The Turning Point

– Shades of Hope


– Mittens Addiction

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

It is a psychological approach that has helped many people to deal with this addiction and other eating disorders like bulimia & binge eating disorder. Make sure, you look for the best psychologist who is experienced in dealing with such types of addiction or other eating disorders. Additionally, in many cases, CBT has been proven helpful.

  • Drug Therapy and Psychiatrists

While the FDA has not approved any medication for this type of addiction. So, medication is not an option in this case. This is because the medication tends to leave side effects.

One of the drugs approved by the FDA is to help with weight loss and it contains bupropion & naltrexone. Well, this drug is effective when the person follows a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind, anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications won’t cure food addiction symptoms.

Consulting the psychiatrist is the best choice as they make you aware of the possible treatment options and give you a specific treatment plan.

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