If we talk about India then it is the country of such people who lead their life with some rituals, superstitions, thoughts, and belief and in their dictionaries sex is feared and tabooed concept that should not be discussed in open even if the rates of rapes, sexual abuse, incest, molestation, MMS scandals, and teen pregnancies are alarming issues in India.


To come out of these social diseases what actions should be taken? Is there a responsibility of the government to make some strict laws against these most embarrassing crimes?

Well, it is not duty of the government as only government by making laws cannot stop these criminal activities as the government can stop them who come in front or found culprit but some faces are there in the society who hide themselves and even dominate the voice of sufferers to have narrow escape from the law of government so what should be done to stop all these crimes?

Do you think there is a need to aware the children and youngsters about sex and complete sex education counseling should be given to them so that they can understand wrong or right touches of anyone and could understand what is happening with them and how they are being sexually harassed and exploited?

Sex education and counseling are very important for children teens and young adults so that they can protect themselves from sex abuse. Moreover, the role of professional, teachers and parents can also contribute greatly to stop all these sexual crimes.

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