Learning Disorder or Learning Disability

If you experience any difficulty in learning in a particular manner or you have the inability to learn then you could have the learning disorder. However, only the medical professional can tell you clear about the learning disability or disorder after a complete clinical assessment but the following are some facts about this disorder that can give you brief information about it.

What is a learning disorder?

Learning disorder means the patient would have some difficulties in learning and inadequate development in some areas like academics, language, speech skills and even in paying attention.  The patient could have difficulty in learning reading, mathematics, writing or anything in other areas and this difficulty can be of various degrees in different patients and can vary from mild, moderate to severe. At that time patient need support and of course the learning disability treatment so that he could come out from his difficulty and can learn in a better way.

This difficulty can be diagnosed when the age of learning the basic subject areas comes means when the child formally goes to school. So the age onset for this disorder can be 6 years. However, the Causes of Learning Disability are not much clear but it can be due to the failure of the brain in developing an asymmetrical manner normally.

Learning disorder treatment

We prefer Therapy for learning disorder treatment as with the therapies like classroom therapies, special education and counseling can make the child feel out of his difficulty and he could learn easily.