Why Do Men Rape?

With raining eyes, sitting on my desk, I find it so difficult to express my feelings against the bestiality of some humans whom we otherwise address as criminals. Crime whether planned or unplanned, caught or not caught, is undoubtedly the fruit of one�s psyche shaped by previous unwanted experiences of life amidst the fuel of anger, jealousy and sometimes fear. One of the dreadful examples is the Delhi Rape case which is a call for help to each and every responsible citizen by the people including women and children, who feel insecure in the society. Irony is that, all this is happening underneath the so called well shaped law and order. Now whether these are implemented or not is another big issue which on long term basis are fought by us all through protests now and then. But instead of begging for are rights under the shade of hopelessness, let�s use our intelligence and implement our patience in knowing and fighting against the psyche of people whom we fear are a threat to our society. Among all types of crimes (murders, frauds, thefts, crime against women and children) rapes are the least reported and if reported have the least probability of conviction. Here rests my moral duty as a psychiatrist to help you know the mindset of the men who rape. WHY DO MEN RAPE? Gender inequality is the main cause. Male dominance is expressed by physical, political or economic power over women. Their sexual permissiveness makes them incapable to accept rejection from women and get violent. They find it difficult to deal with unfortunate childhood experiences leading to sexual inadequacy. Impairment of relationships is another cause of sexual violence. Sexual addiction can be added to the list. It is important to bring into your notice that alcohol and drugs in most of the cases are used as euphoriants that remove the bars of inhibition to execute the crime. Hence in most of the cases these are not the cause of the crime. Why we need to study the psychology of the criminal and why do we need to identify such criminals? The answer lies in knowing the psyche of the victim. Psychology of the victim is dependent on her ego strengths, social network support, her life cycle stage and the way she is treated as a victim. Her emotional reactions include fear, humiliation, anger guilt/ shame and powerlessness that take toll over her being herself. This has been termed as �rape trauma syndrome�. It has two phases: 1. Acute phase 2. Reorganization phase What we talked about is the acute phase for which �crisis counseling� is an effective management through which victim should be encouraged to make decisions for herself in order to feel some control over her life again. In reorganization phase victim develops increased motor activity, change their jobs, home, lifestyle as a defensive reaction to the assault. Nightmares related to the incident are common. Phobic reactions do occur. Mistrust of other people along with sexual difficulties may also develop.
Victims of sexual assault may suffer:
1. Post traumatic stress disorder
2. Substance abuse
3. Deliberate self harm
4. Stockholm syndrome
5. Depression
6. Flash backs
7. Borderline personality disorder
8. Eating disorder
9. Sleep disorder
10. Body memories
11. Multiple personality disorder
12. Suicide
13. Feelings of fear, guilt and shame
So, its time to look around ourselves. The demon is among us. Calm your souls and try to kill it and have the courage to say�.IT�S NOT ME�IT�S NOT US�